First worldwide tool of its kind, the Ocean Framework allows companies to identify, measure and optimize the impact of all their interactions with the Ocean.

More than 70 academic and institutional sources were studied and over 180 corporate CSR reports analysed in order to map various forms of impact, and select the operational indicators that companies can use.

The development of the Framework was steered by a committee comprising a large panel of economic stakeholders (companies, investment funds) and was the subject of numerous consultations between scientific, associative, institutional and political fields.

It was built with and for businesses, and successfully tested on a panel of businesses varying in sectors and sizes.

The Ocean Approved web platform brings together committed companies, allowing them to share their best practices to make tangible progress towards an economy more respectful toward the Ocean.



Advances in science as well as user feedback from adherent companies must be taken into account in order to keep developing the Framework, and to maintain it at the highest level of scientific rigor and robustness.

To guide, frame and validate these developments, Fondation de la Mer has set up the ‘Scientific and Technical Committee.’ This committee is made up of recognized experts in all the fields covered by the Framework, and chaired by Françoise Gaill.

Françoise Gaill
Emeritus Director of Researches at the CNRS
Philippe Cury
Research Director at IRD
Anne-France Didier
In charge of SDG14, French Ministry of the Sea
Vincent Geronimi
UVSQ, Deputy Director of CEMOTEV
Alexandra Ter Halle
Research Fellow at the CNRS, IMRCP laboratory
Pascale Joannot
Director of scientific expeditions, MNHN
Pierre-Yves Le Meur
Research Director at IRD (HDR)
Wilfried Sanchez
Deputy Scientific Director, IFREMER
Karina Von Schuckmann
Oceanographer, Mercator Océan

Steering Committee


Group CSR Department

« The Framework allowed us to realize we have a role to play in SDG14. It allowed us to see the step to be taken to [...] establish an action plan [...], as well as gain internal awareness of the marine environment issues at stake. »


Sustainable Development Director

« Having access to indicators that are already tested and known is time-saving. […] This tool also made it possible to open up new areas of focus and awareness that we would not have thought of, and that made it possible to reflect on more global and transversal subjects. »

Emilie RIESS

CSR Director
Pierre & Vacances CenterParcs Group

« The Framework is an operational tool to better qualify our impact and adjust our action. [...] Thanks to the fine granularity of the Framework, we asked ourselves the right questions, we identified impacts and possible actions that we had not seen before. »

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