The Ocean Framework

The Ocean Framework is the framework of the OCEAN APPROVED® label.

It is the first worldwide tool of its kind allowing companies to identify, evaluate, and improve the impact of their interactions with the Ocean.

This tool is robust and easy to use for companies, enabling them to address the aims of the United Nations’ sustainable development goal “Life below water” (SDG14).

It is organised in three parts:

  1. Pollution, acidification, and global changes of the marine environment;
  2. Exploitation of marine and coastal resources;
  3. Cross-cutting themes of the SDG14.

More than 70 academic and institutional sources were studied and over 180 corporate CSR reports analysed in order to map various forms of impact, and select operational indicators or companies to use.

The development of the Framework was steered by a committee comprising a large panel of economic stakeholders (companies, investment funds) and was the subject of numerous consultations between scientific, associative, institutional and political fields.

It was built with and for businesses, and successfully tested on a panel of businesses varying in sectors and sizes. The Ocean Framework is currently used by around twenty companies in various sectors:

  • Sectors directly linked to the exploitation of the ocean such as the nautical industries, fishing or maritime transport
  • Key environmental sectors such as energy
  • Manufacturing sectors, such as cosmetics, textiles, materials production
  • Others, including data centres, leisure and construction.


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